Walk Score allows users to create content and comment on others’ content. Photos, reviews, comments, likes, profile pages, hashtags and places are examples of content users can add to Walk Score’s website and mobile app. We encourage expression, but embrace community-friendly standards by and for all users. Please keep content G or PG.

Anyone using Walk Score can report a photo or comment if it’s offensive, inappropriate or inaccurate. Follow Walk Score’s community guidelines to avoid having your content removed. Play fairly.

Walk Score reserves the right to remove content that does not help people evaluate the walkability of a neighborhood or city or content that violates these community guidelines or Walk Score’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • Comments: Offer first-hand reviews or commentary about places to help others evaluate the unique qualities (good or bad) of a neighborhood. Please be careful not to misrepresent a place with misinformation or faulty facts. Opinions, insights, tips, observations about neighborhood gems or problem spots are fine.
  • Photos and images: You may not be a pro photographer (unless you are) but take or use photos of relatively high quality (not blurry or with so many dark shadows that a place is hard to see) to be as useful to others as possible. No inappropriate or harassing images or photos. No pornography. Period. Nudity such as in a photo of a statue or other relatively family-friendly public art is fine. You get the picture.
  • Privacy: Walk Score intends for every user to have a great experience and learn as much as possible about neighborhood walkability. Do not publicize other people’s private information, such as close-up photos of a person’s face unless you have their permission. Do not reveal other people’s full names. As always in the digital age, carefully and wisely manage your own profile and identity (i.e., don’t put your email on your own profile page if you don’t want to reveal it).
  • Crudity and rudity: No lewd, crude or harassing comments, photos, reviews, hashtags or other content.
  • Violence and cruelty: No violent or hate content is allowed including imagery, hate speeches, displays of bigotry, threats, etc.
  • Advertising and self-promotion is prohibited. No ads of yourself or your company; this means no logos as place photos or a photo of yourself (i.e., a real estate agent face) as a photo of a place. Do, however, add a photo of yourself, a link to your website and brief description to your profile. If you are a business owner, feel free to add your business (i.e., boutique, bakery, cafe, book store, real estate office, etc.) with a photo of the place, as long as you disclose you are the owner or an employee.
  • Conflict of interest disclosure: Your content should be useful for people exploring neighborhoods. If you are a business owner or representing a business, organization or industry, disclose that in your profile (“Me”) section at minimum. Let’s minimize commercial profiteering and avoid advertorials.
  • Intellectual property: Write your own copy. Use or snap your own photos. No stealing content from other sites or users—and no plagiarizing. Respect copyright and trademark rights as well. If you believe your work has been reproduced in a way that constitutes copyright infringement please contact us.