Walk Score for Trick-or-Treaters

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s important for trick-or-treaters young and old to know where to score the best candy. Walk Score is proud to be one of four criteria Zillow used to put together a handy list of the 5 best Trick-or-Treat neighborhoods in Seattle. The other equally weighted factors are Zillow’s home value index, population density and local crime data.


So which neighborhoods rank highest? Wallingford (90), Queen Anne (81),  Magnolia (61), University District (94) and Capitol Hill (87).

Check out the Walk Scores for all 77 Seattle neighborhoods.

Learn English with Walk Score!

We didn’t realize that Walk Score helps people learn English! These videos produced by Mike Marzio of feature our own Mike Mathieu talking about the benefits of walkable neighborhoods.

real english

We had no idea the outtakes from Mike’s CNN interview would end up as ESL instructional videos!

mike interview

It’s also great that they are teaching people English by talking about walkability. It really shows that it’s an important global issue!

Perfectly Walkable Small Towns

Walkability isn’t an urban phenomenon, it’s an everywhere phenomenon.  Walk Score advisor Dan Burden created a great list of walkable small towns.  We decided to build on Dan’s list by finding 10 small towns with locations that have perfect 100 Walk Scores.

Aspen, CO | Key West, FL | Healdsburg, CA | Missoula, MT | Flagstaff, AZ | Brunswick, ME | Lawrence, KS | Juneau, AK | Middlebury, VT | Moscow, ID

This is just a start and we’re hoping to build a comprehensive list in the future—and to create walkability maps for small towns that are similar to the maps we made for the 40 largest U.S. cities.

Tip: want to see some hot pedestrian-centric design? Look at Lawrence, KS or Healdsburg, CA and then click the “Go to street level view” link above the map.

Walk Score in Green Building Guidelines

We’re excited that the Cascadia Region Green Building Council’s Living Building Challenge guidelines now include using Walk Score to aide in site selection. The GBC recommends not building within the 100 year flood plain “unless part of an existing historic community core developed prior to 1945, or a location classified by Walk Score ( with a minimum rating of 70.”

We’ve also had a number of people mention to us that Walk Score might be an easy way to calculate the Community Connectivity credit in the LEED Green Building Rating System.