Crime Grade for Homes and Apartments

A high Walk Score tells you that you’re close to the people and places you love. But is the neighborhood safe from crime?

Today we’re announcing Crime Grade, the first measure of crime safety for a home or apartment that accurately measures your personal risk.  Crime Grade is an A – D rating that tells you how likely you are to be affected by crime.

Crime Grade is an A-D rating for an address.

Crime Grade is an A—D rating for an address.

Why Does it Matter?

Crime safety is a top concern for people looking for apartments and shopping for homes. What matters most is your per capita risk of being affected by crime.  Other crime maps and statistics often make walkable neighborhoods with lots of people (e.g. Downtowns) seem unsafe because they only measure how many crimes are reported — not the per capita crime rate.

The Walk Score Crime Grade is computed using a patent-pending system that aggregates crimes near an address and weights crimes by severity and distance.  We calculate a per capita crime rate for an address based on the total population (residents and workers) in the area.  Crime rates are then compared against city-wide rates and converted into a letter grade. We have a separate Crime Grade for personal crime (e.g. robbery or violent crime that affects a person) and property crime (e.g. burglary or theft that affects property). This allows you to accurately compare your crime risk between addresses in a city.

For example, below are two maps of crime in Chicago. The map on the left shows reported crimes and makes Downtown Chicago appear quite dangerous.  The Walk Score crime map on the right shows the Crime Grade (e.g. your per capita risk of being affected by crime) in this area. Although there are a lot of crimes reported in Downtown Chicago, there are so many people that your personal risk is still low.

Crime Maps

Available for Every Address in 16 Cities

Crime Grades are available in the 16 cities listed below where police departments make their crime reports publicly available:

Crime Grades are available today on all Walk Score apartment and rental listings in the cities above and will be rolling out to every address in these cities soon.

We’ve been working on our Crime Grade methodology for over a year.  We initially launched neighborhood crime comparisons in the summer of 2013. Please send us your feedback, we’d love to hear what you think.



  1. Zsuzanna Porter

    Do you have this available for Canada, more specifically for The Greater Toronto Area?

  2. I would LOVE for this to be added to the St. Louis walk maps! While we have 91 municipalities in the suburban area outside of the core city, and much of them don’t report crime publicly, the City of St. Louis does report it. That said, it’s very hard to evaluate since the city website only lets you look at the crimes one month at a time on their map.

    Please consider looking at St. Louis as a new city for your score. I pulled together what is currently available online on a recent blog post which I published just before the Ferguson police shooting incident that had everyone looking at St. Louis and crime.

  3. Matt Lerner

    Hi Zsuzanna, we don’t have Crime Grade in Canada yet but we’d be happy to add new cities where the police departments make their crime data publicly available. Thank you!

  4. Lynn McCormick

    Hi Matt. I saw your reply about adding info for Canada when police make their info publicly avail. You might be interested Edmonton Ab police do. Hope that helps. (BTW, first time I have seen the walk score site. Very cool. All the kinds of info in one handy place that we had to figure out ourselves when we bought our house Wish it was around then.)

  5. Matt Lerner

    Thanks, Lynn! We’ll check it out — we’re excited to expand our coverage for Crime Grade. Thanks also for the kind words — much appreciated!

  6. Jesse Kircher

    Please expand this service to New Orleans. The NOLA PD has their stats at: Thanks.

  7. Sean Stewart


    I second the vote for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area [GTA].

    The crime map source I’m currently using for Toronto is The Toronto Police Service Maps and Data Portal which is maintained by the Business Intelligence & Analytics department of the Toronto Police Services .

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Toronto, Canada

    P.S. I love Walk Score—thank you.

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