Travel Times With Rush Hour Traffic

Today we’re making it easy to add drive times with free flow and rush hour traffic estimates to your website and mobile apps.  Travel times are available for driving, walking, biking, and public transit.

Traffic Congestion

Walk Score was the first website to offer real estate search by commute time.  Since then, adding traffic congestion has been a top feature request.

We’ve developed a new methodology for estimating traffic congestion based on traffic data for over 100 metro areas.  When you click the Rush Hour button on our Travel Time Widget, you’ll see travel times based on peak rush hour congestion. Congestion is computed on a road-by-road basis to reflect where traffic is likely to occur.

Free-flow vs. Rush Hour

Our traffic data is based on an analysis of congestion times from leading traffic providers such as the Federal Highway Administration, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, GoogleINRIX, and TomTom.

How do you define rush hour?  The most useful definition we’ve found is the time it takes to arrive at your destination with a certain level of confidence.  For example, you might have an 80% probability of arriving on time if you allow 25 minutes of drive time or a 90% probability of arriving on time if you allow 35 minutes. This is how leading traffic reports account for the difference between bad traffic and exceptionally bad traffic. Our rush hour drive times are based on an estimated 90% probability of arriving on-time.

Add Travel Time to Your Site

With just a few lines of code you can add the Travel Time Widget pictured below to any Google map. The Travel Time Widget allows home shoppers to explore their commute and visualize travel times in their neighborhood.

Contact us to get an API key for your site.


Coming Soon: The 20,000+ sites using the Walk Score Neighborhood Map will also soon have access to rush hour commute time estimates:

Rush Hour Drive Time

Using Walk Score With Responsive Design and Mobile Apps

We’ve  made our Travel Time API, Neighborhood Map, and Walk Score Badges easy to use on responsively designed pages and in mobile apps.

For example, check out Imprev’s implementation of our Travel Time API on their responsive single property website.  Click the Map button in the header to view.

Here are some helpful tips on using Walk Score with responsive design.





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