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Guest post by Ann DeOtte Kaufman, founder of female bike fashion company Iva Jean

While only 24% of all bicycle trips in America are made by women, there are a large number of women who are anxious to get started or that want to fit even more biking into their lives. If this is you, there are plenty of events and resources at your disposal—from books and blogs to all-women rides and community organizations.

Books on Women Biking

The first thing I would do is order Elly Blue’s Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation, a comprehensive look at street smarts, bike shopping, dressing professionally, and carrying groceries and children. Other great reads include Women on Wheels by April Streeter and Heels on Wheels: A Lady’s Guide to Owning and Riding a Bike by Katie Dailey. These books may provide you with the tips and tools that allow you to bike more often and to more destinations.

Women-Only Biking Events & Organizations

We’re also seeing more women’s bike organizations pop up across the nation.

  • April Streeter started the Portland-based Women on Wheels all-inclusive group that hosts rides, workshops and social events on biking.
  • We Bike NYC is an all-women and trans organization that was started to provide a safe space for women to ride together regardless of skill, speed and riding style.
  • Washington Area Bicyclist Association is starting Women & Bicycles this spring, an outreach and education program geared to get more women on bikes.
  • To encourage the momentum of women in biking, the League of American Bicyclists formed Women Bike, a national advocacy program. I will be attending their second annual National Women’s Bicycling Forum, on March 4, 2013 in Washington, DC to discuss how we continue this growth and support more women biking.

Online Resources

The women’s bicycling community is also growing online. Cycle and Style has a great list of women only rides across the nation as well as gear and book reviews. Girl Bike Love also provides personal experiences, technical information and gear reviews with a focus on women’s needs. Both of these sites speak to casual and sport cyclists—creating a comprehensive resource for women. VeloJoy and Lovely Bicycle are also great resources for women looking to get inspired to bike. New York-based VeloJoy is an online resource for city cyclists covering fashion, advocacy, gear reviews, culture and more while Lovely Bicycle focuses more on bike and bike gear reviews as well as her adventures in bike building.

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