Walkability Humor: Pedestrian Penalty Cards

Pedestrian and walkability fails exist far too often. Clueless saunterers weave slowly along a sidewalk blocking path of more purposeful power-walkers. Umbrellas stretch the length of the sidewalk, threatening to take out an eye unless one uses a stealthy walking defense. Tourist groups clumped together studying maps or gazing around block locals en route to work or appointments.

Rest assured. You are no longer powerless. Now you can hand out pedestrian penalty cards to these sidewalk offenders. Writer and artist team Cory and Andy paired up to sell packs of cards for $1. But careful with your karma. Be judicious with your new policing power. Someday you might find yourself on the receiving end of a walking penalty.

Three of my favorite cards… escalator offender, clue-free umbrella walker, sidewalk bicyclist.

Cards: © Cory and Andy of Pedestrian Penalty Cards

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  1. Melissa

    I hope there is one for stupid walk-and-text idiots, slow walkers, annoyingly fat and slow walkers who won’t let you pass, and the awful noisy cell phone walk and yell….

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