New Travel Time API from Walk Score

Today we’re excited to launch the new Travel Time API from Walk Score.  The Travel Time API allows you to rapidly calculate travel times to and from large numbers of places — and lets you visualize travel times on a map.

We’re also pleased to share that the number of scores delivered by our APIs has more than doubled over the past year to over 9 million per day. Thank you!

Hotel Finder API Demo

To demonstrate the power of the Travel Time API, we’ve created a prototype of a new way to find hotels.

Imagine you’re traveling to Seattle for a handful of business meetings.  Just type your meeting locations into our hotel finder, and we’ll show you hotels sorted by drive time, public transit time, walk time, or bike time.

Hotel Finder Demo powered by the Travel Time API.

Search by Commute Time

The Travel Time API can also be used to search for homes or apartments by commute time.  The Travel Time API exposes the same technology we use on Walk Score Apartment Search.

Powered by the Travel Time API.

Start Using the Travel Time API

The Travel Time API could, for example, also be used to:

  • Sort local deals by drive, transit, walk, or bike times.
  • Calculate employees’ commute time when looking at new offices.
  • Visualize what’s within walking distance of a hotel or business.

Start by reading the documentation or contact us to get started with the Travel Time API.

Happy Coding!

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