Find Hotels Near Destinations, Meetings, Amenities

By popular demand, we’ve extended our unique commute time apartment search features to travel planning. Skip opening multiple browsers to research hotels in close proximity to business meetings or vacation attractions. With our new Hotel Search Demo you can now find hotels by travel times (by car, bus, bike or foot) to the people and places you’re visiting.

Location matters when deciding where to stay. Enter up to four places (e.g., business meetings, events, friends’ homes, attractions) and we’ll sort hotels by travel time. For each hotel you can also see nearby amenities (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), public transit and car shares.

Example #1: Find hotels by travel times to/from the attractions you will be visiting. Here’s a sample hotel search by travel time to and from popular Manhattan art museums.

Example #2:
Find accommodations by proximity to meetings. For example, if you have business meetings in Seattle at Walk Score, Amazon, Starbucks and Zillow headquarters, you can find a hotel that minimizes commute time to each location.


Example #3: If you’re planning an event or group trip and have side trips planned to Universal Studios, the zoo and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, for instance, find hotels near those key attractions.


Example #4: Explore the amenities, transit stops and car shares nearby hotels you’re considering. Plan your ground transportation options, save money by eliminating the need for a rental car, and optimize your hotel stay based on nearby amenities.


This hotel search demo is just a first step. We look forward to your feedback. And, if you’re interested in adding travel times to your website or mobile app, check out our new Travel Time API.

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