Why Walkability Matters to All

Walk Score CEO Josh Herst gave a presentation to real estate agents recently that highlighted why that industry should pay attention to walkability and Walk Score’s tools for helping real estate agents market their neighborhood expertise.

Since it is highly applicable to the rest of society, I wanted to share it. Watch this slide show via HaikuDeck. No audio, so just enjoy the simple graphics and information presented. It just might shift your view on lifestyle choices.

If you are a real estate professional, here are Walk Score professional tools just for you.


  1. mary r holden

    I have forwarded this presentation to the Realtor who helped us find a home in 2011. We moved from Ohio to Lodi, CA…and we wanted a place that would allow us minimize our reliance on an automobile. With the help of WalkScore.com, we are happily enjoying a walking lifestyle. We walk to food and clothing shopping, drug stores, restaurants, fitness center, walking for health, and to town for the weekly farmer’s market. LOVE your APP and can understand how it would be a great tool for Realtors. Thanks for your product.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Glad Walk Score helped you find a great place to live!

    Share some of Lodi, CA’s local gems via our app.

  3. Very cool stuff. I shared this with many of my peers!

  4. Jeff La Noue

    I can’t imagine not living in a place that is walkable. I love the idea of when I or my wife do not want to cook, we can take an easy stroll and have options to eat. Vehicle speeds and pedestrian safety, even in walkscore’s highest rated places, are sometimes a concern. Linked is an article about crosswalk quality: http://comebackcity.us/2013/02/08/americas-inadequate-crosswalks/

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