Walk Score Integral to America’s Top Art Spots

Where are the best spots in cities across the US to discover art? Walk Score was part of the criteria used for ArtPlace’s Top 12 American Art Places. We’re honored. Walking is more enjoyable when beauty surrounds you.

ArtPlace writes, “Art is inspiring and motivating. But it is also a powerful catalyst for change within communities, invigorating neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, and creating vibrant places.” We agree.

We compiled a variety of art shared on Walk Score near 10 of the 12 art places known for its art. Your favorite? What art gallery, public art or street art are missing? No photos of art in Brooklyn, New York or Miami Beach, Florida have been shared on Walk Score yet, two of ArtPlace’s top 12 communities. Add a photo to Walk Score’s site or iPhone app.

Dallas, TX – Cattle Sculptures

On hot summer days, people might want to join the cattle cooling their hooves in water.

Los Angeles, CA – Metal Sculpture Dangles Above Walkers

Precarious art that requires you to experience it in a new way can delight walkers of all ages.

Milwaukee, WI – Sculpture Facing Lake Michigan

Public art and a sweeping water view. What could be better?

New York, NY – Street Art

Graffiti-esque street art of this sort makes one want to hit the play button and dance.

Oakland, CA – Metal Sculpture on Lawn

This lawn sculpture entices children to climb inside, around (maybe even on) it. Ready?

Philadelphia, PA – Mural Art

Mural “devoted to the owner of a local restaurant” and right near a car share.

Portland, OR – Modern Sculpture

A colorful pole rises above pedestrians, offering photo ops or stroll eye candy.

San Francisco, CA – Mission District Mural

Art like this begs for interpretation, giving creative spark to passers by.

Seattle, WA – Dragon Sculpture

Nothing cues walkers near Pioneer Square that they’ve arrived in the International District like a fiery dragon.

Washington, DC – Phillips Art Museum

This relatively small-sized museum packs more than enough world-renowned art into its walls. A must visit.


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