Canadian Walker’s Paradise Neighbourhoods

We released a ranking of Canada’s most walkable large cities. Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal ranked top 3 respectively. But depending on the neighbourhood, you can enjoy the health, environmental and community benefits of living in a walkable area.

We scored 1,200 neighbourhoods across Canada—and there are 30 “Walker’s Paradises” with Walk Score above 90.

Type in any Canadian neighborhood or city on Walk Score to find a detailed heat map of its walkability.

  1. Bay Street Corridor—Toronto
  2. Harris Green—Victoria
  3. Church-Yonge Corridor—Toronto
  4. Kensington-Chinatown—Toronto
  5. Downtown—Victoria
  6. University—Toronto
  7. Downtown—Vancouver
  8. Palmerston-Little Italy—Toronto
  9. Mount Pleasant West—Toronto
  10. Chinatown—Calgary
  11. Moss Park—Toronto
  12. West End—Vancouver
  13. Annex—Toronto
  14. Trinity-Bellwoods—Toronto
  15. North St. James Town—Toronto
  16. Strathcona—Vancouver
  17. Downtown Commercial Core—Calgary
  18. Plateau-Mont-Royal—Montréal
  19. Waterfront Communities-The Island—Toronto
  20. Saint-Jean-Baptiste—Québec
  21. Cliff Bungalow—Calgary
  22. Cabbagetown-South St. James Town—Toronto
  23. South Riverdale—Toronto
  24. Roncesvalles—Toronto
  25. North Park—Victoria
  26. Central Business District—Saskatoon
  27. Eau Claire—Calgary
  28. Downtown—Edmonton
  29. Ville-Marie—Montréal
  30. Dufferin Grove—Toronto

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  1. Tommythinman

    Yes, I can enjoy walking around Vancouver and area for the beauty but I have had a lot of disappointments. Car drivers are more polite than rude cyclists that ride in areas they don’t belong in (after all, the mayor holds bikes in higher esteem than anything else). They cut you off and disregard rules. I can’t even walk on both sides of Burrard St Bridge to enjoy both views because that is bike territory and pedestrians are forbidden. Then you have low tree branches you have to duck beneath as they hang over sidewalks or hedges that intrude into sidewalk space. With all the rain, you can see the branches hanging lower and no one seems to be responsible to trim them. Speaking of rain, you have clogged storm sewers and nasty showers as cars drive through puddles. Yes, Vancouver has its moments but for serious pedestrians, it is a fair weather city at best.

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