10 Stroll-Stopping Street Art

Street art can be anything from murals to sculptures—as diverse as people’s interpretations. Does street art make walking more enjoyable? What kind of art makes you stop in your tracks? Street art that is literally on streets, sidewalks, electrical poles or walls seems to be growing in urban areas. Some call it graffiti—others call it art. Fine lines can separate the two descriptions, as illustrated in the acclaimed documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

I’ve compiled a collection of some of the best US street art on buildings and walls that has been shared (to date) on Walk Score. What are your favorites? Any eye-catching street art missing that you want to share? Add it on Walk Score.

1. New York City street art tour by blogger Heartthrob Suave, who writes he has “an affinity for abnormalities and a keen eye for detail”

2. Denver, Colorado street art

3. San Francisco, California street art

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota street art

5. Baltimore, Maryland street art

6. Charleston, South Carolina street art

7. Tulsa, Oklahoma street art

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania street art

9. Los Angeles, California street art

10. Austin, Texas street art


  1. Glenn

    You forgot Atlanta. We have an amazing street art scene that I would argue competes with the best from any city. Check it out here.


  2. Nice Atlanta street art. You can add photos of your favorites on Walk Score. Here’s how: http://blog.walkscore.com/2012/10/how-to-add-places-on-walk-score/

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