Travel Time by Feet, Bike, Transit, Car

Walk Score just made commute times by walking, biking, public transit or driving more accessible. See a travel time map surrounding any address (home, office, school, store, cross streets, etc.).

Travel & Commute Time

Simply type in any address to get your Walk Score. Use the “Travel Time” box on the map to set your transportation method and slide the scale for commute times (from 1 to 60 minutes). You can find out, for instance, how long it would take to walk, bike, take public transit or drive from your home to any coffee shop, school, book store or office.


Travel Routes

You can also find a route by foot, bike, transit or car from one address to any other. Here’s a sample route from Cambridge to Boston’s Garden of Peace on foot. Walking time is listed as 52 minutes and 2.5 miles just below the map, to the right of the destination.


Find your commute time by any method of transportation now. Start by typing in a location or address in Get Your Score field.

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