Pedestrian Group Uses Walk Score to Mobilize Locals

Seattle pedestrian nonprofit Feet First is launching a pilot program using Walk Score to mobilize Rainier Valley citizens to report walkability problems. Feet First will analyze data collected via Walk Score’s new iPhone app and website and present it to City of Seattle officials to help resolve local pedestrian challenges.

Walk more“People care about their community’s built environment and infrastructure, but they do not always know where to turn to effectively report particular problems in a neighborhood,” says Feet First Executive Director Lisa Quinn. “This innovative technology increases the number of ‘eyes on the street’ that can capture information in real time. With limited budgets, this app is a valuable resource for Feet First and government agencies that are looking to invest their time and money into projects that will provide safe, easy, and accessible ways for people to choose to walk.”

Feet First’s Rate Your Space campaign will help anyone who lives, works or plays in Seattle’s Rainier Valley identify safety hazards, maintenance issues and other pedestrian-environment deficiencies. Wheelchair users, parents, workers and others can use Walk Score to identify broken sidewalks, hazardous street crossings, etc. Campaign kick-off: November 9, 2012 at 5:30 PM at Rainier Community Center.

Kudos to Feet First for training and educating neighborhoods about walkability. Walk Score hopes their efforts help improve infrastructure—and can be replicated across Seattle to create healthier, safer and greener communities.

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