Explore and Add Places on Walk Score

Walk Score’s new iPhone app and website offer anyone a way to share and discover what makes neighborhoods unique.

Anyone can add a neighborhood gem (coffee shop, park, public art, store, etc.) or problem spot (dangerous intersection, poor ADA or stroller sidewalk access, sketchy bike lanes, etc.).

Real estate agent Terri Buseman is Walk Score local expert for ChicagoBecome a “Local Expert” in a neighborhood and/or city by adding at least 10 places (with a photo + comment). The user with the most places in one area will be featured on Walk Score city and neighborhood pages. Locals across the country have already achieved this (honor and) recognition including Chicago real estate agent Terri Buseman, Charlottesville real estate agent Keith Davis, Atlanta real estate agent Jennifer Kjellgren, Seattle-based International Institute for Sustainability’s Liz Stenning,  Seattle-area real estate agent Pat Giles, Los Angeles real estate agent Norma, Portland, Oregon local Justin, and Grand Rapids, Michigan local Josh. Will you be the next Walk Score Local Expert?

Watch our app demonstration video and follow the steps below to add a place.


How to add places with the Walk Score mobile app

  1. Open Walk Score’s new iPhone app – tap on “What’s Nearby”
  2. Tap “Add” icon, then either a) snap a photo of a place or b) choose a photo you’ve already taken from your iPhone photo library
  3. Add a new place or problem spot
  4. Choose a category and sub-category that best match the place (i.e., Outdoor Places then sub-category Other for a kayak shop on a dock by the water) – tap “Next”
  5. Add a comment about the place… and you can add a relevant hashtag that differs from category names (such as #wine or #kidfriendly or #soccer)

How to add places via the Walk Score website

  1. Go to www.walkscore.com and type in any city, neighborhood or address in “Get Your Score” search bar
  2. Click the map or the map button on the address page
  3. Click “Add a Place” button just below the map in the pop-up
  4. Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, add photo already saved in a folder, place name, address, phone, website, etc.
  5. Add a comment about the place… and you can add a relevant hashtag that differs from category names (such as #kidfriendly or #soccer)
  6. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
When you’re done, share the places you add with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social media site.
Download the Walk Score app or type a neighborhood, city or place in the search box above to begin exploring cities and neighborhoods. Add places that make your city or local nook unique. Please follow Walk Score’s Community Guidelines so everyone can enjoy the best experience.


  1. d scott meek

    iPhone app? what about the rest of us?

  2. Some local experts use Android phones.

  3. If I add locations will it improve my towns walkability score?

  4. Jocelyn Milici Ceder

    Android app is noted. And adding locations just may improve your town’s Walk Score in the future.

  5. Ilpo

    How about Android?

  6. When I score my building address, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, 02142, I see that although your algorithm is noting that I’m .1 of a mile from a subway stop – one of the most trafficked locations on the busiest subway line, I might add – it appears to lower the score because of a report of a problem at a subway stop on a different line which is 1.5 miles away. A stop 1.5 miles away is irrelevant to someone .1 miles away from another stop, especially if it’s a different, better line. It also doesn’t appear to credit proximity to other subway lines that have stops closer than 1.5 miles.

    Your most recent blog post is about bike share systems but the report on my address says nothing about the value of the bike share location at this address.

    Please address the shortcomings in your system. It’s a good idea in concept but it still needs some more work to be relevant.

  7. Jocelyn Milici Ceder

    Great bike share suggestion, Geoff. We don’t yet take bike shares into account for Walk Score.

  8. Tailypo

    Argh, I would rock the hell out of this project, but am another of the Android nerds.

  9. I don’t understand the distances that get shown…. I’m in the middle of Kingston, almost everything is within 1 mile of me, and Yum Yum’s is 3 blocks, but it shows up as 2 miles away from the only address I can give, which is the zip code… be nice if there were someway to select a neighborhood…
    there’s uptown, midtown, rondout and then anywhere at all on the Kingston corridor which, from the Thruway traffic circle to the water at the Roundout is 3 miles total and a bunch of that is covered by a bus route…

  10. Jean

    Yes, why only iphone? That’s a pretty biased sample! I could post 10 pictures today about my work neighborhood, my home neighborhood, a 3rd favorite walking neighborhood. What do we have to do to get this expanded?

  11. Ronald Sage

    When calculating for a score, how does sidewalks/trails/pathways play into that calculation? Or is it merely done by ‘walking on the street’ so to say? How do I use what walkscore is reporting, when I go to similar cities that I know have equal or less sidewalks, but have a better score? Just confused about what walkscore is actually telling us.

  12. Ronald Sage

    How do the places we type an address for get placed on the map? I have several places that I know are not correct as to where they are shown. Is there a way to adjust this so these sit in the actual location?

  13. We love Walk Score, our neighborhood continues to grow and everything is right in our back yard.

    Some challenges are that the shopping centers have one address that’s up on a road that may be .75 miles away but the actual stores within the shopping center are only .15 miles away. You could do without a car at Oakcrest as the grocery store is adjacent to the community, Marshalls is next door, and Planet Fitness is on the other side. So you can eat , dress and work out without burning a cent of gasoline!

  14. Bram Abramson

    Love the idea of an app. But will you be doing a BlackBerry app? Or at least a BlackBerry 10 app for when I upgrade? We are moving and I am excited to start entering some of the big misses into the Walkscore database — it seems like you are missing the major fitness centre and health clinic around the corner from where we are moving — but none of family (and few of my friends) have iPhones. We’re all on BlackBerry up here! Thanks.

  15. Dale Johnston

    First off I don’t have an Iphone so I am not allowed to communicate properly with your website. I live in Hillsborough NB. Your walk score fails miserably. Verger Orchard is in Memramcook which is a community across the river from us that would require a 40 minute drive. We have a high school here, fitness center, hockey rink, walking trails, snowmobile trails, 4 wheeler trails, medical office, drug store, post office, bank, several restaurants and coffee shops, service stations and mechanic shops, firehall to name a few of the things that make this community a community. We also have clean drinking water, fresh air, short commute to Moncton (under 20 minutes with NO traffic jams ever…I could go on. Thanks for at least giving me this space…hope you will do something about this. Thank You

  16. Dale – The second set of instructions show you how to add places just like you list via a website (no need for iPhone). Have at it!

  17. Virginia Beach Estates

    Is there any way to add a video tour for our city? I’m located in Virginia Beach and have spent years collecting valuable video footage for the most popular sections of our city. That would be a cool feature.

  18. Angela Sams

    Awesome! I love checking out places I am going to visit and seeing what’s around. This is a great app! You can use it everywhere.

  19. karla woods

    Another android person!!! Do you have a version for us yet? Ready to begin using this app!

  20. Taji Clark

    Would be cool if there was an Android version. *sigh* Oh well…

  21. Hey Android folks…we hear you loud and clear, be on the lookout :D

  22. E

    I added almost 20 destinations that were missing near my home about a week ago. They still don’t exist on the map. What’s up?

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