10 Best Beer Places in Seattle

Seattle photographer, beer blogger and local-living enthusiast Paul Gibson shared 10 of the best breweries and beer locations in Seattle – all of which reside in Ballard and Fremont. Does that make those neighborhoods beer capitals of Seattle? You decide. Both neighborhoods are highly walkable (and bikeable) making them optimal locales for happy hour beer-hopping or a leisurely evening of pairing varietals (IPA, stout, pale ales) with food.

Local beer in SeattleLocally owned microbreweries keep springing up around the Pacific Northwest and US regularly. Craft brewing has even grown to a nano and micro-local level inside people’s garages, basements and kitchens. In fact, locally owned breweries often spring out of people’s passions and can start at home with a local home brewer practicing the art and science of beer making. Beyond the US, Italy and other non-traditional-beer countries are brewing up local beers as well.

Gibson’s locally owned beer recommendations (in no particular order):

  1. Dray
  2. Noble Fir
  3. Hilliard’s Beer
  4. Jolly Roger Taproom
  5. Northwest Peaks Brewery
  6. Norm’s Eatery and Ale House
  7. Fremont Brewing Company
  8. Hale’s Ales Brewery & Pub
  9. Urban Family Public House
  10. Brouwer’s Cafe

Where else can locals (or travelers) find great beer around the US or world? What’s the best locally owned beer establishment (even restaurant) in your neighborhood? Add great beer establishments (or bars) big or small to Walk Score and share your local knowledge with others who want to sip quality beer. Here’s how to add comments, places or photos via our iPhone app or website.

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