Tell Apple that Transit Directions Matter

Transit Directions Matter

Yesterday Apple Computer announced that new versions of the iPhone will not have public transit directions built-in (more).

Do you think that public transit directions on your phone are important?

If so, tell Apple that transit directions matter.

Correction: We incorrectly reported below that iOS 6 does not have walking directions based on articles from PC World and Gizmodo. Well, we weren’t the first to get it wrong but hopefully we’re the first to correct it. Thanks to @Philoviridae and others for pointing this out.

Apple Removing Walking and Transit from iPhone

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple announced the details of iOS 6 (the new iPhone and iPad operating system). iOS 6 does not have public transit and walking directions.

We believe that having transit directions on your phone helps public transit work better for everyone, so we’re asking you to join us in requesting this feature from Apple.

Ask Apple to keep public transit and walking directions.

I’d be lost without transit directions on my phone!

Walk on!


  1. Bill

    I would suggest that those of you who care about this issue should simply “vote with your feet”, walk away from Apple, and get a phone that better supports your lifestyle choices. They obviously just want to cater to the mindlessly-motoring masses, so let them. They’ll figure it out eventually, maybe. Or not.

  2. Jon Amore

    Please do whatever you need to do to get public transportation as an in house solution. Third party solutios will not work becaue they never do. Pleas include this

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