New “Gotta Have” Apartment Search from Walk Score

Coffee? Groceries? Schools? Car share? Yoga studio? What’s on your Gotta Have list?

Daily life can be hectic. So living near the places that matter most to you is important.

Our new “Gotta Have” search makes it easy to find apartments and rentals within walking distance of coffee, groceries, restaurants, schools, and more. And now, when you drill in to learn more about the location of a property, you can view nearby amenities and add your own gotta have search to find your perfect place.

Walk Score Apartment Search - Show Nearby Coffee and Groceries

Gotta Have a Car Share nearby!

Walk Score is the first apartment search to help you find apartments and rentals nearby car shares from companies such as ZipCar®, Mint® (New York and Boston), iGo™ (Chicago), City CarSM Share (Bay Area) and Hertz on Demand™. Walk Score currently includes over 4,000 car share locations.

As the newly released Zillow Rent Index shows, rents are on the rise adding to the already high cost of living in many urban areas. And the gas, parking and maintenance costs associated with car ownership (on average over $8,000 per year) makes finding affordable living even more challenging.

Car sharing provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to car ownership and, according to a recent ZipCar study, demand for car sharing is on the rise. This trend is particularly strong among Millenials (age 18-34), 70% of whom indicate that they would drive less if there were more transportation options such as public transit and car sharing available.

Walk Score is the only site to find places to live with a great commute, great access to public transit and, now, within walking distance of a car share. #DriveLessLiveMore

Walk Score Apartment Search - Gotta Have a Car Share Nearby


  1. Rob

    Why are the Gotta Have options so limited? It would be nice to find places near a park or library as well.

  2. Josh Herst

    Rob, thanks for your feedback. We just added parks to the Gotta Have search options!

  3. S.E.

    Please add a “24 hour fitness,” or a Gym to the walkscore list.

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