We often hear from customers who use Walk Score to help them decide where to stay when traveling. Are they choosing a hotel, B&B or vacation rental in a convenient location with restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment and other amenities within walking distance? Do they need to budget for taxis, a rental car and hotel parking, or is the location well served by public transportation?

Now, thanks to innovative team at Hipmunk, you can search for hotels and Airbnb listings by Walk Score!

Search for Hotels by Walk Score with Hipmunk

Search for Hotels by Walk Score with Hipmunk

It’s a great implementation with a custom Walk Score heatmap so you can see which neighborhoods are more walkable. And, when this heatmap is active, hotels and Airbnb listings are automatically sorted by Walk Score. You can also view the Walk Score of each property on the hotel’s neighborhood tab. Know before you go!

Find a hotel's Walk Score on Hipmunk

Find a hotel's Walk Score

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