Add a Commute Cost Calculator to Your Site

Commuting costs are rising with gas prices – so it’s no wonder 75% of potential home buyers want to live within a 30 minute commute to work1!

We just added commute costs to our Commute Map so you can help your site visitors understand how much their commute will cost in terms of time and money.

Now you can display a commute map and commute cost calculator on your website.

Screenshot of commute report widget.

Try it out on our Commute Demo page and then sign up to get started.

Here are the details of how we’re calculating commute costs.  Did you know transportation is the second largest expense for American households2?

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  1. Cool. This could be a good recruiting/HR resource. I can see this widget on a careers/jobs listing page, to help candidates see whether the position would be a good fit.

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