Announcing Apartment Search from Walk Score

Now, with Walk Score Apartment Search you can search for apartments by commute time.

Whether you prefer driving, public transit, walking, or biking, Walk Score can help you find a commute that fits your lifestyle.


Commuting is expensive and time spent sitting in traffic is lost forever. Here are our favorite commuting stats:

  • Over three quarters of home shoppers rate being within a 30 minute commute to work as important. (Source: National Association of Realtors)
  • Commuters waste 4.2 billion hours and 2.8 billion gallons of gas in traffic per year. (Source: Texas Transportation Institute)
  • The average American spends over $9,000 per year on their car. This is the equivalent of a $135,000 mortgage and the second largest expense for most households, costing more than food, clothing and health care. (Source: AAA)

To get started, visit and enter your work (or school) address, select your preferred mode of transportation, and tell us how long you’re willing to commute.

Apartment listings from craigslist are automatically sorted by estimated commute time and can be further filtered by Walk Score, price and size.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ve integrated links to MyNewPlace and to search their national databases for nearby rental listings.

“Access to public transit and minimizing commute times are high-priority, quality of life issues for many renters. We’re very pleased to offer Walk Score users access to MyNewPlace’s extensive inventory of apartments and rental homes in virtually every neighborhood throughout the U.S.,” said Mark Moran, MyNewPlace SVP of Marketing.

Here’s a demo:


Find a better commute today!


  1. JNow

    Would love to see a similar search function with homes for sale instead of apartments for rent. Zillow (among others) provides a WalkScore within individual listings, but I haven’t found any site yet that actually lets you search by WalkScore (i.e. “I only want to look at houses with a WS above 70″).

  2. Great new feature for people looking at apartments. Not a big of a factor here in Arizona where everything seems to be a car ride away, but in bigger cities I could see this very useful.

  3. This is a response to JNow (October 19). is a real estate site that allows users to filter by WalkScore. Search for a location and then click “Advanced search” to show this option.

  4. Here is San Francisco, we use public transportation or our feet all the time. This data will be super-useful next time I’m looking for an apartment.

  5. In my home town to walk from your front door to the grocery store can often involve up to a 2 mile walk in some instances. And I do not live in a rural area either. Medium density with a large population and very pedestrian UNfriendly infrastructure are hallmark of unsustainable cities. Some of the high rises in town are actually building grocery stores on the bottom floor of their complexes because they are in the middle of food deserts. It’s great to know that just a short walk out of your apartment door you can walk to the store. Ah does anyone else miss good old main street America? Our cars, and big concrete walls have isolated us from the true sense of community that is developed by a short walk to the corner store.

  6. lauren

    Really great new feature that will help people with their apartment search.

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