Walk Score 2011 Ranking of Most Walkable Cities

Today we’re announcing our 2011 ranking of America’s Most Walkable Cities and Neighborhoods! Read the official press release.

View the full list and vote on what you think are the most walkable cities

New York vs. San Francisco

New York eked out a lead over San Francisco, which was the most walkable city in our 2008 rankings but, before you get too cocky New York, you’re only ahead by .4 points.

This is such a close race that we’ve built a user voting system so you can tell us which city you think is most walkable!

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And remember, we use the official city borders from the census.  So when you rate the walkability of NYC, you have to include Staten Island!

Explore the walkability of 2,500 cities

We also calculated the Walk Score of 2,500 cities and over 10,000 neighborhoods in the United States.  Our new map view lets you explore cities by Walk Score, population, and region.

Walk Score distribution graphs for neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

Walk Score distribution graphs for neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

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  1. Hi WalkScore! So how come I can’t “like” Arlington, Virginia? Can you only vote or like the 50 biggest cities? If so, how come?

  2. Aleisha

    We decided to allow voting only on the largest cities because it’s not really apples to apples to compare a really big city with a really tiny one!

  3. I’m a big fan of Walk Score but I think you made a mistake here. Top 50 “cities” leaves out New Orleans, Tampa, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and, my personal favorite, Cincinnati. Maybe you should open it up to top 100 or rank top 50 “metros” since some cities have odd boundaries and annexation practices.

  4. Aleisha

    Check out the ‘All Cities’ tab on this page: http://www.walkscore.com/rankings/cities/

    You can view and sort cities by population or Walk Score.

  5. Thanks, Aleisha! However, can I vote for Cincinnati?

  6. Aleisha

    Voting is only enabled for the 50 largest cities.

  7. Carol

    I never knew there was a group of people doing this officially. We I worked (retired now) and I went on business trips, I always used to try to walk the city as much as I can. Cities I visited that I considered fun and walkable: Boston, Seattle, New York, San Francisco. Cities I visited that were not walkable: Los Angeles (downtown), Dallas, Boulder.

  8. Hi Aleisha,

    It was great to work with you on getting the information for Greater Miami updated. Now that we have the information from MDC Transit the rankings were greatly improved.

    I’ve been having a difficult time convincing people in Miami that our city has changed tremendously in the past 10 years and become more walkable.

    Your new ranking is making my job much easier. Let me know how else I can help locally to provide people accurate information through Walkscore.



  9. Santa Monica, California is a delightfully walkable city. Size-wise our city of 80,000, won’t qualify in your Top 50 grouping. But, Santa Monica was voted one of the 10 Best Beach Cities in the World by National Georgraphic.

  10. Jeremy

    People should not be surprised LA is there. Ever since the 80s there has been a huge investment in public transport Downtown was almost a no go area with the music center being the only reason to visit after dark. Now it’s buzzing with LA Live. Downtown art walk lots of bars clubs and restaurants. Can only hope the MTA continues expanding the metro and can’t wait until the red line reaches west LA. More reasons to walk.

  11. Pretty cool! Do you have a map that overlays obesity rates and/or per capita healthcare costs picked up by state governments? I’d love to know if there were any statistical correlation between walkability, obesity, and health care expenditures. Thanks!

  12. Aleisha

    You can view selected research using Walk Score data here: http://www.walkscore.com/professional/selected-research.php

  13. John Galt

    WE build various Real Estate Applications for Real Estate Agents and Brokers and I would say 99 percent of our client use walkscore. Its great information and the end users love the data.

  14. Steve Johnson

    WE also build Real Estate Apps and we use Walk-score on every site we build. Awesome

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