10,000+ Sites Now Using Walk Score Professional

We’re excited to announce that now over 10,000 real estate websites are now using Walk Score Professional. This represents a 250% increase over the past year. Read the official press release.

Now Serving 4 Million Scores Daily

Walk Score Professional real estate marketing tools include:

  • The Walk Score Neighborhood Map: An interactive map widget that includes nearby amenities, commute times, and public transit.
  • The Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer: A low-cost way to showcase the location of a property, the Neighborhood Flyer is easy to customize, share online and print for clients.
  • Walk Score APIs: Enable software developers to integrate Walk Score and public transit data into their web and mobile applications.

“Walk Score is helping us to better meet REALTOR® and consumer demand for walkable places to live,” said Russ Bergeron, CEO of MRED, the nation’s largest MLS.  “Serving the Chicagoland area we know how important walkability is to the people who live here – whether they are in downtown Chicago, or in a small town like Naperville. When given the choice, most people prefer to be within walking distance of public transportation, restaurants, shops, and other local businesses.  And with gas prices at current levels, walkable neighborhoods and shorter commutes have become even more important.”

Thanks from the Walk Score team to all of our partners who helped us hit this milestone!


  1. Marios

    Is there a real estate search engine that allows to include the walk score as a search filter? Zillow for example will report the walk score of a property, but will not allow to define a search with a walk score as an input.

  2. Aleisha

    There are quite a few sites that offer this feature. MyNewPlace is one. Also try Apartment Search from Walk Score here: http://www.walkscore.com/apartments/

  3. Louise

    Why are walkability scores (as shown on Zillow) calculated for entire zip codes? In West Hartford, we live about 0.5 miles from virtually all amenities, but as we are in the “wrong” zip code, our walkability score is 42, because the zip code extends out into an area where, yes, you would have to drive to most things. Houses the same distance the other side of the town center get a score of 63 because that zip code does not have a rural element. It would make sense if the score was related to your address, but zip codes are just too big, we are talking walking, after all!

  4. Mahalie

    Hi Louise, sorry about the delayed response but we don’t monitor blog comments for tech support.

    Zillow probably has its own reasons for showing Walk Score for entire zip codes – you would have to take this up with them as we could not speak for them. We encourage you to let them know you’d like to see the Walk Score for your individual address on their site.


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