New Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer

Note: The Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer product has been discontinued [January 2014]

Screenshot of Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer PDFHot off the virtual press! Today is the official launch of our newest product, the Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer.

Designed to offer real estate professionals a low-cost way to showcase the location of a property, the Neighborhood Flyer is easy to customize, share online, and print for open houses. Ideal for:

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Events

For just five dollars per property, you can customize an online flyer that can be downloaded as a print-quality PDF (print as many copies as you want) and get a web link that you can share with clients or post online.

The Neighborhood Flyer is also available as a co-branded service for brokerage firms and we’re pleased to announce a partnership with John L. Scott Real Estate to offer the Walk Score Neighborhood Flyer to their agents. (See official press release.)

Design options allow you to personalize the flyer and choose the amenity categories that showcase what is great about a property’s neighborhood. For example, a broker who is listing a loft in an urban center may want to list restaurants and shopping while a listing in a more bucolic neighborhood might feature schools and parks.

“No matter where the home is, brokers now have a way to showcase what’s great about the neighborhood around it.” says J. Lennox Scott, John L. Scott Chairman and CEO.

Let us know what you think.


  1. Can other brokerages also partner with walkscore for their agents?

  2. Mahalie

    Hi Susan! Yes, we offer co-branded flyer subscriptions to brokerages. Contact us to learn more.

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