New Views on the Neighborhood

Did you know that the Walk Score Amenity Map now includes Bing Bird’s Eye View, Google Street View, and our walkability heatmaps?

Personally, I’ve always loved Street View and Bird’s Eye view—but I find it tedious to navigate around a neighborhood with them.  With Walk Score, you can just click on a category like “Coffee” and then click on each coffee shop to see it in Street View or Bird’s Eye view.  It’s an easy way to tour the neighborhood!

Go to our Amenity Map and then click the Street View button in the top right to see these new views in action.

Street View of Pike Place Market

Bird’s Eye View of Pike Place Market

Walk Score Walkability Map


  1. edward pancoast

    The difficulty I have with walkscore is it is irrationally focused on immediate accessibility, the shorter the distance the better. As an urban planner and architect with 40 years experience walking in dozens of cities of all sizes across the us, europe, africa and central america I should inform you that immediate accessiblity is highly less desireable as an actual place to live unless you are handicapped or ambulator challenged. If you want a good walkable neighborhood you need a wide range of diverisity of experience for a good walk. Pike Street Market is more like a funky old mall with everything under one roof. Give me the side streets and alley cafes and central parks with vendors. I know that a small town business area may be a bit limited but each one tends to be more unique and special, a quality locals like to protect and visitors find makes them want to return. Ed

  2. Alex Dupuy

    I love the heatmaps – is there any way these could be generated based on specific subsets of amenities, rather than the overall walkscore? In particular, being able to select just walkable parks/playgrounds and other locations for outdoor activity to get a “play score” would allow for the kinds of mapping that Kaboom! is thinking of in their “Play deserts” ( – although it’s not clear if they are still working on that mapping project.

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