New Walk Score Amenity Map

Note: The Walk Score Amenity Map product has been discontinued [December 2016].

We just released a major overhaul to the Walk Score Amenity Map that includes:

  • Handsome new user interface
  • Lists and maps of amenities by category
  • iPad/tablet friendly controls
  • Small, med, large, and super-sizes
  • Commute reports

Click an image below to try the live version!

The New Amenity Map

Commute Reports

The new commute reports show commute time and distance for driving, public transit, walking, and biking from a home or apartment listing to a work address.

Commute Report on the Amenity Map

Before and After

Here’s a screenshot of the old Amenity Map so you can compare old vs. new:

The Previous Amenity Map

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  1. hi

    our walkscore stopped working a day or so ago, did anything change that requires an update on the api or code we use?

  2. Nice. I have long been a fan and user of your service, and your tools keep getting better.

  3. toni

    I am excited about your service which I just stumbled over. It could be a tremendous tool for urban planning. Unfortunately inaccuracies are obvious once one goes into detail. Some mistakes that I observe frequently are missing parks and trails (not sure bike/pedestrian trails are included at all) and dubious grocery stores (e. g. Fayetteville AR, only two of seven listed are actually grocery stores and some others are missing). What is your plan for validating and correcting your data? I think it should be made easier for the community to submit corrections but I also wonder whether you are willing to dedicate the resources necessary for tracking and validating those submissions. If this doesn’t happen, unfortunately walkscore will be of limited use. What do you say?

  4. steve

    The walk score for 783 School Dr. 98230 is very incorrect.
    It does not know what I am close to.
    It thinks the closest grocery store is miles away (it’s about .5 mile) It doesn’t know the distance to the Blaine post office, city hall, the nearest coffee shops or restaurants or hardware store. It thinks they are all in Canada!!!!!
    Please work with Google to fix this.
    Get back to me.

  5. Mark Freeborn

    Not at all accurate for my neighborhood, South Lamar, in Austin TX. As many as one half of the businesses do not show up on the map. Some have been here for 10 or more years, so it’s obviously not map data that is the criteria for inclusion.

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