2,500 Cities & 6,000+ Neighborhoods

You asked: “Why don’t you have neighborhood rankings for my city?” and “How come my city doesn’t make your list of most walkable cities?”

We listened: We’ve processed over 8 million data points and now have Walk Score heat maps for the 2,500 largest U.S. cities and neighborhood walkability rankings for many of these.

So whether you’re searching for Aberdeen (Maryland, South Dakota or Washington) or Zanesville, Zephyrhills or Zion, or virtually anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re spending Turkey Day in Topeka or decking the halls in Denver, be sure to check Walk Score before you go – the nearest pub, coffee shop, gym or book store could be just a short walk away.

Walkability map of Minneapolis & St. Paul


  1. J. Bernstein

    Surprised by how low (relatively) our address is for walkability score, considering that my spouse and I walk regularly to restaurants, shopping and entertainment in our suburban downtown and so many of the neighborhoods in our community are further out and more car centric. Guess it’s the pesky logarithm that can’t do anything about this.

  2. Paul

    Any chance major Canadian cities and neighbourhoods will be added?

  3. Bryan Larsen

    Are you planning on doing neighborhood rankings for Canadian cities? That would be very useful. Thanks.

  4. Aleisha

    We’d love to add Canadian cities but don’t know when we might be able to do this.

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