Announcing City-Go-Round – Find Transit Apps in Your City

We’ve now added transit data from 80+ agencies to Walk Score as part of our grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

While adding transit to Walk Score we realized there was a larger opportunity to:

  1. Highlight all the great apps that use public transit data
  2. Show which transit agencies do and don’t provide open data to software developers

Announcing City-Go-Round

So today we’re launching a new site called City-Go-Round where you can search for innovative transit apps and websites in your city. You can also check whether your transit agency provides open data.

Find apps in your city:


Read the City-Go-Round press release.

These Apps are Rad

We had no idea how many innovative transit apps were already out there.  Here are some of our favorites:

One Bus Away: Find out exactly where your bus is in Seattle.  Check City-Go-Round to see if your city has a real-time arrival app.


Acrossair: Hold your iPhone up to see augmented-reality transit maps.  Whoa, the future is now.


Exit Strategy NYC: Perhaps the most creative app we’ve seen, Exit Strategy NYC shows you where to stand so you can get out of the subway station faster!


A huge thank you to Benjamin de la Peña and team at the Rockefeller Foundation for supporting City-Go-Round and public transit on Walk Score.