Walk Score Now on All Zillow Listings

We’re thrilled to announce that Zillow just added Walk Score to each of their 87 million properties!


In January of 2009 alone, Zillow attracted over 7.5 million visitors.  Are people looking at Zillow because home prices are low enough that they’re thinking about buying again?  If so, purchasing a walkable home is great protection against future downturns and spikes in energy prices—not to mention it’s one of the easiest ways to save the planet.

Are people looking at Zillow to see how much their homes lost in value? Perhaps… but one thing is for sure: people who own walkable homes have happier Zestimates than people who bought homes in sprawling neighborhoods.

Kudos to Zillow for recognizing that walkability is a core piece of information about a property.  And guess whose home in the chart above has a Zestimate of $284,935,000?!

Nice blog post by Drew Meyers of Zillow here: http://www.zillowblog.com/walk-scores-are-now-on-zillow/2009/02/