Walk Score on Real Estate Flyers?

While attending the ProWalk/ProBike Conference here in Seattle, I heard from two different people that saw Walk Score being used to market properties — one was a flyer being distributed in the box on the for sale sign in front of a house. Another person saw it in a glossy print brochure for a high end home.

Are other people seeing Walk Score used to market properties?


  1. emily

    i’ve seen walkscores listed in some craigslist ads for apartment rentals on the san francisco peninsula… and when they weren’t listed i looked them up myself! it’s such a great, snappy way to get insight into what everyday life will be like in a particular neighborhood, especially for someone who (like me) does not have a car and does not plan to get one anytime soon. thanks & keep up the good work – looks like word is spreading, and with good reason.

  2. I just found this website and checked out my prior neighborhood which I loved. It received a near 100, very high score. No wonder I loved it there. Eight years later, I continue to live in a neighborhood that is quite beautiful but ranks an 18, clearly car-dependent. No wonder I yearn for the good old days in our old neighborhood! My first reaction to this information was how valuable it would be to people looking for property! I wish I had this eight years ago when we bought our first home!

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