Announcing Seattle’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

We calculated the Walk Score of 11,538 points in Seattle to rank 77 neighborhoods and create a walkability map of Seattle.

If you are a walkability geek or a Web 2.0 nitnork (or you are both like we are), you might enjoy reading our detailed methodology page.

A big thanks to Zillow for making their neighborhood boundaries publicly available. It’s a hard problem to define the boundaries of a neighborhood—just ask your neighbors and see how many different answers you get.

We’re also announcing our new advisory board made up of walkability, urban planning, and technical experts from organizations like the Sightline Institute, The Brookings Institution, and Google. We’re currently looking to diversify our advisory board and add an expert on affordable housing. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

Many thanks to our advisors for helping us to improve Walk Score and promote walkable neighborhoods!


  1. I think this is really cool as I started my own little manifesto and walk everywhere!

    This website is cool, and I read it today on

    I’m spreading the word to walk more, it uses less emissions!


  2. Cascadian

    I love this, but as a resident of a close-in suburb of Seattle I’d like to see a county-wide map like this, to identify pockets of walkability outside the city. My neighborhood rates a 65 on the walkability scale, with the heart of the nearby “downtown” at 78. So there are definitely walkable areas here.

  3. Nice job, y’alls! It is great to see Walk Score take off!

  4. thalia

    Hat tip: This is fantastic stuff. The red and orange areas should serve as a to-do list of civic leaders – how can we get those parts of town into the green? This is incredibly useful info presented in an easy to grasp way. Kudos!

    Finger wag: when you do v2.0, I think you really need to refine your neighborhood definitions for a couple of areas. Notably Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill. Ranking Capitol Hill #12 simply doesn’t pass the sniff test. Just as Queen Anne is sliced into “regular” QA and Lower QA, North Capitol Hill should be split from CH. They really are different ‘hoods in many ways, regardless of how real estate agents or bureaucrats draw the lines. Minus the north part, CH is easily among the top 3 on your list, as anyone who has ever stood on Denny and Broadway could tell you.

    Also, Beacon Hill runs from I-90 past Holly Park all the way to Tukwila? Yeah, not so much. That’s another big miss.

    But, though these quirks stand out, overall this is an amazing, wonderful thing you are doing. I wish you tremendous success. Your efforts deserve wide attention and could truly change the way people think and live for the better. That’s got to be a very satisfying feeling.

    Thalia from Ballard

  5. Doug

    I learned about Walk Score on the MSNBC Website. What a great idea!I really hope you spread this service to lots of other communities (nation-wide would be great!). We could all walk more to improve our lives and save the environment.

  6. I really like the web service and think many businesses will also find your service helpful. It sheds some light on the surrounding neighborhood for people looking to lease commercial space for their business. I also really like the real estate tile, I added it to my website. Thanks!


  7. thomas Libby

    Congratulations for creating a great site. I’m a retired teacher of Urban Environmental Design, and have been teaching about walkability for many many years. It will become a very useful tool for people renting apartments and buying homes nationwide, and, with any luck at all, a meaningful way for city and regional officials to plan for the future.

    One suggestion: It might be useful to add the location of the nearest banks and Post Offices to your list. In San Francisco, when I bought my present house in 1984, I bought it because I could walk to everything on your list, even though I own a car and actually enjoy driving. Now that I’m older, I still walk to everyplace in my neighborhood for my daily errands. A great way to keep fit as we age.

  8. Nicole

    I just wanted to say I LOVE your website. Your site has truly become indispensable to me. I tell everyone I can about it. The neighborhood maps are AWESOME! I’m moving to a new town out of state and I’m using your website to select my new neighborhood. Keep up the great work!!!

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