Growing Cooler Movement


There’s a compelling new book out that makes a strong case for walkable, urban neighborhoods actually being more affordable than their suburban counterparts. Growing Cooler argues that once commute time and transportation costs are taken into account, living in less dense areas can become more expensive than living in dense communities where a car isn’t as necessary to get around.

There’s a great article supporting Growing Cooler’s point, citing evidence that housing values in denser neighborhoods are holding steady or rising. This is in contrast to the steep drop-offs seen in suburban areas outside cities.

This Growing Cooler movement really challenges the old real estate saying, “Drive ’til you qualify”.

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  1. Tim

    Drive til you qualify exists for a reason: the housing stock in dense, walkable cities is limited and therefore too high priced for the majority of people who work for a living.

    The ideal solution is to convert suburban communities into walkable cities with viable transportation links between these cities that let working people commute in the same amount of time as they do now. And somehow to do it door to door. However, given that many businesses are as spread out as suburban housing, that goal may be impossible without scrapping everything over time. There is a valid reason people have to commute by car, unfortunately.

    That transition in the suburbs is what is at stake in the next 1-20 years. Saying cities are the way to go is not enough. There are too many people and not enough housing stock to make cities alone a viable solution. Gentrification will only get far worse.

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